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90 Day Challenge – Scorecard

Here’s the scorecard for my 90 day challenge.

Day 1, February 3

Slightly Used = Millionaire Track

Money Math: The Simple Calculations Behind Financial Freedom 

Financial Freedom Isn’t Everything

Day 2, February 4

Interesting.  This 90 day challenge had me out of bed and immediately on my computer this morning before doing anything else.

Surviving The Valley of Death

Quantity, Not Quality

Shedding the Corporate Identity–Being Yourself Online

Day 3, February 5

Are You In The Right Job?

The $1,000 Guillotine

Day 4, February 6

What’s Your Theme? A Simple Technique For Career Progression

Day 5, February 7

You’re Not Cheap, Just Smart

Start Swimming

Day 6, February 8

Challenge Your Assumptions About Christmas

Thoughtful Vacations

Bite-sized Blog Posts

Working With The Machines

Key Books

Hey ….. Remember ……….

Pieces on a Board



Stay Focused On Your Goal

Oppressive Urgency

That Smug Upper Middle Class Mindset

Confusion Sucks, But

Quote: If Your Life Feels Empty….

Quantity over quality is our watchword!

Day 7, February 9


Day 8, February 10



The Mighty Principles





Day 9, February 11




Day 10, February 12


Love that the 90 day challenge has me cranking out a blog post on Sunday morning before heading out for a day of fun.  Wouldn’t have written today’s post without the challenge, for sure.

Day 11, February 13







Day 12, February 14



I have an idea for rolling 90 day challenges.  The idea is to always have a least one going in some area of your life–how you eat, exercise, journal, work, relationships, whatever.  How cool would it be to always have something that you are formally working on improving.  It might be amazing…

Day 13, February 15


The 90 day challenge so far:

  • My writing is all over the place and lacks focus on a clear niche.
  • I am concerned that the online entrepreneurial lifestyle is way too solo.  Doing this on your own full-time is a potentially very isolated way of life.  Something to ponder.
  • I am enjoying learning all this.  Doing is the only way to learn.














Day 14, February 16


Fourteen days.  That’s 15 percent of they way through the challenge.  So far, so good….


Day 15, February 17



Day 16, February 18



Listen To That Deep Internal Alarm Bell

What To Do When You Are Stuck

Day 17, February 19

Journaling And Writing In WordPress

Day 18, February 20

Don’t Expect Perfection, Expect Greatness

To Achieve Your Goals, Your Dream Is NOT The Key

Day 19, February 21

Early Retirement–Should You Take The Plunge?

Quote to Ponder: “Annual Income….”

Day 20, February 22

Plotting Your Career Path: Three Key Factors For Success

The Power of Thought….  A Tip to Strengthen Your Mind

Day 21, February 23

Digital > Analog

Steps to Financial Freedom: You Have to OWN Your Financial Life

Become an Email Master: The Action vs. Flow Technique

Day 22, February 24

The Digital Nomad Life: There is a Better Way

The Two Hour Software Company: Taking the Next Step

Build Self-Confidence: Finding Certainty in an Uncertain World

Day 23, February 25

Does Money Matter?  Heck Yeah, But…

Day 24, February 26

The Path to Massive Wealth and Financial Freedom

Day 25, February 27

Your Career is a Game: The Mindset that Reduces Stress, Increases Earnings, and is Actually….Fun

Quote: “All The World’s a Stage….”

Online Entrepreneur: The Path to Product

A Bite-Sized Reading Hack

Day 26, February 28

Be Fearless: The Secret to Conquering Your Worries, Anxieties, and Deepest Dreads….

Day 27, March 1

Quick Tip: Learn The Keyboard Shortcuts

Day 28, March 2

Are You Overoptimizing Your Life?  Finding the Right Balance

You Can Have an Amazing Life With Very Little Money

Day 29, March 3

Building a Successful Career Path: What is Your Context?

The Two-Hour Software Company: The One That Got Away….

Day 30, March 4

Mind Like Water

Day 31, March 5

Writing is a Craft to Master

Day 32, March 6

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Day 33, March 7

Don’t Forget Technique….

Day 34, March 8

Getting Things Done: David Allen’s Breakthrough Book

Day 35, March 9

The Ambassador’s Tale of Financial Woe

Day 36, March 10

Are You an Information Hoarder?

Day 37, March 11

The Creepy Crawlies in the Basement of Your Brain

Day 38, March 12

More Thoughts on Over-optimization

Day 39, March 13

Midnight Grace

Day 40, March 14

On Purposefulness

Day 41, March 15

Batch Your Life: Save Time, Money, and Stress

Day 42, March 16

To Focus = Letting Go

Financial Independence, Yes.  Early Retirement, No!!! (Video #1)

Day 43, March 17

The Dangers of Effort

Day 44, March 18

I Don’t Like The Word Hack.  Here’s Why….

Day 45, March 19

Confidence and Faith

Day 46, March 20

Life Sometimes Holds Things Back From You…

Key Book: The Overspent American

Day 47, March 21

Tax-Efficient Financial Freedom

Day 48, March 22

Chasing the World of Form

Day 49, March 23

Atma and Maya

Day 50, March 24

Why Luke on Dagobah is So Profound

Day 51, March 25

Principles (short version)

Day 52, March 26

Get Focused, Help People–A Simple Idea….

Day 53, March 27

Should You Join a Startup or Go Corporate?

Day 54, March 28

When You Are Truly In The Zone….

Day 55, March 29

Mind With God

Day 56, March 30

Maker’s Time

Day 57, March 31

Rough Means Started

Day 58, April 1

On insisting on clarity before its time

Day 59, April 2

Delinking Ergs Expended from Results Expected

Day 60, April 3

Vision, Purpose, etc.

Day 61, April 4

Zen Garden Your Life

Day 62, April 5

Leaping for Hero May Keep You at Zero

Day 63, April 6

The Magic of “Just So”

Day 64, April 7

On Struggle

Day 65, April 8

True Prosperity

Day 66, April 9

Simple Tastes

Day 67, April 10

Key Book: The Millionaire Next Door

Day 68, April 11

The Spiritual / Emotional Side of Getting Things Done

Day 69, April 12

Walk, Don’t Run

Day 70, April 13

First, Commit To Yourself

Day 71, April 14

Using Getting Things Done To Get Life Moving

Video: Financial Independence, Yes.  Early Retirement, No!!!

Day 72, April 15

Get Focused: Turn Off All General Notifications

Video: Aim High. Work for an Elite Firm

Day 73, April 16

Courage Is Key, But….

Video: Walk, Don’t Run – The Secret to Effortless Accomplishment

Day 74, April 17

On Brooding

Video: Start Investing Now!

Day 75, April 18

On Mistakes

Video: TURBOCHARGE Your Financial Life.  Buy a …….

Day 76, April 19

Mind Map Your Life

Just In Time (JIT) Creativity

Day 77, April 20

Books For The Way Ahead

Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness of Crowds–Key Book to Financial Independence

Day 78, April 21

Beware The “Perfect” Career

Video: The Emergency Fund and Financial Buffer

Day 79, April 22

Video: The Roth IRA is a Great Place to Start

Day 80, April 23

Thoughts On Ready….Fire….Aim….

Video: The Millionaire Next Door–Key Books for Financial Independence 

Day 81, April 24

Video: Let’s Get Focused!

Day 82, April 25

Key Book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Day 83, April 26


Day 84, April 27

The Suck Phase

Day 85, April 28

Is Your Life a Flower or a Machine?  Organic Life vs. Inorganic Projection

Day 86, April 29

Just In Time Creativity

Day 87, April 30

Return Stuff You Don’t Want

Day 88, May 1

Advice From Rich Dudes

Day 89, May 2

TURBOCHARGE Your Financial Life: Buy a ….

Day 90, May 3

The Pitfalls of Financial Freedom

Day 91, May 4

Strutting Like a Rock Star: Non-financial Means to Project Status

Day 92, May 5

Key Book: Your Money Or Your Life

LEARN BY DOING: Thoughts on the 90-day challenge

Day 93, May 6

Too Much Security….

Day 94, May 7

The Lost Art of Frugality

Day 95, May 8

Success as a Series of Algorithms

Day 96, May 9

60 Minutes, Two Phone Calls = $4,187.69

Video: Do You Like Creating Things or Just the Idea of Entrepreneurship?

Day 97, May 10

Are You Extraordinary?  Learn What It Takes to be MIGHTY Extraordinary

Day 98, May 11

How YOU Get Mighty – One Post To Rule Them All….

Day 99, May 12

YOUR Ninety Day Challenge

Day 100, May 13

Negotiate to Win Big – The Perpetual War of Subscriptions

Day 101, May 14

Did You Eat The Frog?

Day 102, May 15


Day 103, May 16

Fast Track Your Path To Wealth – Living As An Expat

Day 104, May 17

Are You A Mighty Investor?

Day 105, May 18

Video: Your Money or Your Life – The ONE BOOK YOU SHOULD READ to Achieve Financial Independence

Day 106, May 19

Video: How To Invest When You Don’t Have Any Money (and even if you do)….

Day 107, May 20

Video: A Random Walk Down Wall Street – The ONE Book You Should Read Before You Start Investing

Day 108, May 21

Who Loses And Who Wins?

Day 109, May 22

6 Ways You May Be Messing Up How You Think About Your Career

Day 110, May 23

The Quick And Dirty Guide to Buying A Used Smart Phone

Day 111, May 24

What’s The Opposite of Fear?

Day 112, May 25

Tell Them To Waive The Flipping Fees…

Day 113, May 26

Grammarly Helps You Catch Those Stupid Little Errors!

Day 114, May 27

Thoughts Are Things.…

Day 115, May 28

Video: Grammarly Helps You Catch Those Stupid Little Errors!

Day 116, May 29

Video: “Embrace The Suck” – How To Survive The Suck Phase

Day 117, May 30

Quiz: Do You Have the Entrepreneur’s Mindset?

Day 118, May 31

Video: Republic Wireless Is An Insane Deal: Here’s Why…

Mighty Investor Recommends

TomJohnston.org Recommends

Day 119, June 1

Video: Thoughts Are Things….

Day 120, June 2

Sure, Practice Mindfulness – But What About Ambition?

Day 121, June 3

Dashlane Just Makes Life Easier

Starting To See The Matrix

Day 122, June 4

Mighty Investor Resources

Day 123, June 5

Let It Shine Through

Day 124, June 6

The Sheep Farmers of New Zealand Are My Inspiration

Day 125, June 7

Internet Entrepreneurship – One Big Puzzle That Never Ends

Day 126, June 8

How You Get from Here To There? #2

Day 127, June 9

The Ultimate Smart Savings Checklist

Day 128, June 10

Quote: “Concerning all acts of initiative and creation…”

Day 129, June 11

Gamify Your Writing

Day 130, June 12

You Have To Keep F’ing Going

Day 131, June 13

Unhook From The Spending Matrix – Understand “Memetic Desire”

Quote: “In Delay There Lies No Plenty.” William Shakespeare

Day 132, June 14Day 133, June 15

Gamify Your Financial Life

What To Do When You Are Stuck?

Creativity Is Earned

Quote: “Whatever you can do or dream…”

Bold Action, Thoughtful Frugality

Day 133, June 15

Are You A Genius Investor? If Not, Use Index Funds And Concentrate on Your Career

The One Year Marathon

Get A Fast Server. For Your Own Peace Of Mind.

Why I Switched from HostGator to A2Hosting – Detailed Review

Day 134, June 16

The Greatest Cure For Anxiety….

The Tyranny of Version 1.0

Are You A Member Of The Elite?

Day 135, June 17

The Power of Thought is Immense–But Action Moves The Dial

Day 136, June 18

To Get To Do The Stuff You Really Like

Day 137, June 19

Brute Force It

Day 138, June 20

Quote: “Give me a fruitful error any time…”

Listen To Your Body

Day 139, June 21

Streaking Like An Arrow – Part 2

When In Doubt

Day 140, June 22

Where Are You In The Economic Food Chain? Why?

Day 141, June 23

You Are Streaking Like An Arrow Towards Financial Independence

A Wisdom Figure

Day 142, June 24

What Not To Include In Your Blog

Day 143, June 25

WordPress Pro Tips – The Quick And Dirty Guide

Day 144, June 26

Are You a Professional or an Amateur? Steven Pressfield’s Timeless Wisdom

Day 145, June 27

I’ve Built A Virtual Island

Day 146, June 28

SEO Is Not The Only Way

Day 147, June 29

Mighty Work

Day 148, June 30

You always have more than enough time. Always.

Day 149, July 1

What If Success Eludes You

Day 150, July 2

Smile – Shine Your Light….

Day 151, July 3

Biting The Bullet – Learning Ruby On Rails

Day 152, July 4

Using WordPress to Develop Web Applications – The Quick Path to MVP

Day 153, July 5

Something For You To Try – Don’t Do Anything

Day 154, July 6

“Thought Blooms”

Day 155, July 7

How To Build Inner Strength – The Shangri-La Of Life

That’s it!  The challenge has come to an end!  We finally broke the chain.  It wasn’t that July 8 proved to be a hectic day or anything.  In fact, I have a bunch of almost finished posts, but just decided to stop forcing this to happen every day.  If you read this far, leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you if you are contemplating a 90-day challenge, are mid-stream, or completed one.  Till soon.


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