Starting To See The Matrix

Starting To See The Matrix

Many of you have been travelling this road with me into the world of making a living online.

It started with just throwing up random posts on a free WordPress.com account. Then we moved to learning WordPress and hosting our own webpage. Next came the 90-day challenge.

Today is number 121 in a row of producing content each and every day. That's four months straight. What a journey it's been. 121 days equals four months. I've written a ton on earning, saving, investing, and online entrepreneurship in that time.

Here's the 90-day challenge scorecard.

Starting To See The Matrix

Metaphor #1: The best way I can describe where things stand is to say I'm starting to see the matrix. No, I'm not Neo dodging bullets in slow motion, but I'm just starting to see the broad outlines of the game--a sense of what is on the horizon and what needs to be done next.

Metaphor #2: I feel like I've graduated from white belt to yellow. What does that mean? I'm still pretty sucky and a novice, but I'm not a totally, utterly, clueless novice. It's a long way to black belt, but we are making progress.

Time to Build Version 2.0

The "90-day challenge" phase is over, and MightyInvestor.com 1.0 is complete. Time to build 2.0. The crazy part is that now I know how much work really lies ahead.

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