Let It Shine Through

Personality Is Key: Let It Shine Through

This post at venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s AVC.com just blew me away. Totally shifted my thinking on how to attract traffic and build a company online.

If you have time, go ahead and take a look now.  It’s a quick read.  I’ll wait.  I don’t mind.

First off, freaking funny copy, and so true.  Which blogs do you return to again and again?  The ones where the individual’s personality shines through.

We all have distinctive personalities, but life tends to smooth over the edges of our basic natures as we adapt to making a living in the modern world–often in large corporations that punish saying anything out of the ordinary or that challenges the status quo.

I wrote an earlier post touching on this, but realized that my personality is still very much submerged and therefore my writing too bland.  Who wants to read something corporate or overly commoditized in their free time?  You have to hang your personality out there–otherwise you’ll be lost in the blah de blah blah blah….

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