Be Shallow At First

It's OK to be shallow at first

When you are starting any new venture, I have a piece of advice for you.

Be Shallow At First

Just go through the motions.  You don’t know what you are doing at this stage anyways.  So do you best and simply model the actions of the activity you hope to learn as best you can.  This doesn’t mean don’t put in serious effort, but it does mean let go of any hope that you know what you are doing at first.

By going shallow you:

  • Allow yourself to move forward without becoming bogged down on trivialities (that you don’t even know are trivialities yet)
  • Begin to build muscle memory for the task/skill you hope to master
  • Most importantly, you build momentum.  Without momentum, you will struggle to make it through the suck phase without giving up.

So remember: it’s ok to be shallow at first and get the ball rolling.  Deep learning will come later.

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