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Latest From the Blog Review – The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name

You've done your research.  Picked out your niche.  You've even picked a domain name.  But where is the best place to buy a domain name?  Good question.  I have a very quick answer.  The best place to buy a domain name guessed   Here's Review1. NameSilo is cheap.  The cheapest I have found. [...]

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The Dangers of Minimalism

I am by nature a fairly minimalistic person.  I just don't naturally spend a lot of money.  I could easily live in a one bedroom apartment with a closet full of clothes, a PC, and not much more.  So the trend in the United States towards minimalism is something I find generally positive and personally appealing.  (If you want to explore minimalism further, I [...]

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So What Is 10X Thinking Really About? Hint. It’s Not Just “Hard Work.”

You sometimes see writing extolling the virtue of thinking and working "10X" or "20X."But what does this mean?A lot of people seem to think this means working 10 or 20 times harder than normal.  Yes, hard work is important, but it isn't everything. [...]

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Success Through Massive Action – How It REALLY Works

You often hear or read about "taking massive action" to change your life circumstances, jumpstart a business, get in shape, etc.But what is Massive Action?  Is it real?  Does it work?  How does it look? [...]

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LEARN BY DOING: Thoughts on the 90-Day Challenge

I've just completed my 90-day challenge.  It's been fantastic.  First, the guillotine commitment of having to pay $1000 to the charity of Miles Beckler's choice worked wonders [...]

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Learn To Be Fearless – Steps to Overcoming Your Doubts, Worries, and Fear

We've all experienced fear in one form or another--whether the trepidation before a job interview, struggling to muster the courage to ask that special someone out, or taking the plunge in a new venture.  Fear is real.  Fear is human.  It's a [...]

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First Steps Building Your Website and Blog

Top level summary: keep it simple at first focus on producing content and publishing start with a free site then buy your own domain and get it hosted don’t buy a theme at first create, create, create content then worry about next steps such as getting traffic [...]

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Capture Your Ideas Upon Impact. Develop Them Later.

If you have an idea for a post or product or anything creative, immediately write it down.  Thoughts and ideas are fleeting.  Creativity has its own mysterious flow. Capture your ideas upon impact.  Develop them later. [...]

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