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Pitch An Idea – Focus On Your Audience’s Needs, Not Your Own
One of the things I learned while working as an American diplomat was how to pitch an idea to the[...]
Seeking Clarity? Move. Take Action. Don’t Wait. The Feedback From Reality Is Priceless.
It is very common in almost all life circumstances to want to wait until you have greater clarity to take[...]

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Too Much Security….
Too much security can be debilitating.  Look at communist countries and even the aftermath of these societies once they attempt[...]
SEO Ranking – Optimization Is Not The Only Way
First things first.  Setting up a business online, and not paying attention to search engine optimization, is like establishing a[...]
Courage is Key, But ….
Courage is key.  Unless you are a bodhisattva or utterly oblivious, as you move towards your deepest goals and dreams,[...]
Take A Free HTML and CSS Course Online
Not everyone has to code, and only a few will ever pursue software development as a profession.  But, in the[...]
Books For The Way Ahead
Faith.  Dying To Be Me. Technique.  So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Positivity.  The Promise of a Pencil. Deliberate small[...]
Don’t Write First Drafts in WordPress
I suggest you not draft your posts in WordPress.  It’s just too slow.  Also, by drafting them offline, you have[...]

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