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Quote: “Give me a fruitful error any time…”

"Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections. You can keep your sterile truth for yourself." Vilfredo Pareto. [...]

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Brute Force It

Sometimes you just have to brute force your way out of confusion and failure into knowledge and success. Don't know how to XX?  Just hurl yourself at the problem--iterating hundreds and thousands of time.  We are talking countless hours, weeks' and months' [...]

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The Power of Thought is Immense–But Action Moves The Dial

There is much discussion on the internet about the law of attraction, the power of thoughts, etc.  I don't discount any of this.  Yes, thoughts can and do beget deeds.  And, yes, altering your thinking alone can dramatically shift your life. But [...]

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The Tyranny of Version 1.0

I'm convinced that a ton of people never achieve their dreams because they are so dismayed by the quality of version 1.0 of whatever their vision calls them to do. You dream of writing a novel and becoming a writer.  You start your first piece of fiction.  You recognize it sucks [...]

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LEARN BY DOING: Thoughts on the 90-Day Challenge

I've just completed my 90-day challenge.  It's been fantastic.  First, the guillotine commitment of having to pay $1000 to the charity of Miles Beckler's choice worked wonders [...]

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Do You Like Creating Things, Or Just The Idea Of Entrepreneurship?

You will find out quickly if you do a 90-day challenge. I participated in an interview yesterday with Miles Beckler about the pros, cons, and everything in between of jumpstarting your online presence [...]

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Mind Like Water

Mind Like Water is a state in which your mind is at peace--yet full of potential.  You aren't churning and thinking and calculating and worrying.  You are just there, confident that you are finding and will find your way ahead [...]

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First Steps Building Your Website and Blog

Top level summary: keep it simple at first focus on producing content and publishing start with a free Wordpress.com site then buy your own domain and get it hosted don’t buy a theme at first create, create, create content then worry about next steps such as getting traffic Creating a website and blog is a lot of fun.  I think anyone on the planet u [...]

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