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Is This Working?
There is a difference between ambient self-doubt and asking yourself, "Is this [specific thing] working?"Self-doubt wastes time and energy and[...]
Instead of “Action Item,” Make it just, “Fun”
In the modern world, many of us have drifting towards a hyper-productivity mindset. The mantra has become, "crank it out."Yes,[...]
Life Formulas
In the modern world, we are bombarded with information.  Nonstop.  Because of this, we need to develop the ability to[...]

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Bookcision – A Free Tool To Download Your Kindle Book Highlights
If you are like me, you love books -- and you love reading books on Kindle.  After all, how else[...]
The Tyranny of Version 1.0
I'm convinced that a ton of people never achieve their dreams because they are so dismayed by the quality of[...]
Maker’s Time or Manager’s Time? Paul Graham’s Thoughtful Essay
This essay from Paul Graham about the "Maker's Schedule" vs. the "Manager's Schedule" is quite profound.  If you haven't already, please[...]
Just-In-Time Creativity
Just-In-Time creativity approaches writing and creativity a little differently. We spend little time worrying about the process, and just create,[...]
The Digital Nomad Life: There is a Better Way….
Digital nomad is the new moniker for people who build (or strive to build) an online business while traveling the[...]
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