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Gary Keller’s The One Thing – A Very Minor Tweak!!!
I love the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. Why?  Because Focus is keeeey.   Keeeeeyyy…. But there's one thing[...]
Learning To Code – A Few Tips
So you want to learn how to program?  I have some suggestions.First, full disclosure.  I’m hardly a programmer.  I’m a[...]
Code – The Frozen Thoughts Powering Our Modern World
I love coding and software entrepreneurship.To me, lines of code serve as “frozen thoughts” that make the world work better.What[...]

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The $1,000 Guillotine
I have to chuckle.  Perhaps this 90-day challenge should be called the $1,000 guillotine.  Each day I wake up and get something[...]
Thrive Themes Rocks
Thrive Architect is a What You See is What You Get (WYSWYG) visual editor—which means that while you are building[...]
The Sheep Farmers of New Zealand Are My Inspiration
I've written before about being yourself online and the need to let your personality hang out there if you are[...]
I’ve Built A Virtual Island
For those of you who have been following along so far, we've come a long way in six months with[...]
Taking The 90-Day Challenge
Well, here we go.  I just took a challenge to create and publish internet content (blog posts, YouTube videos, or[...]
You choose to be happy every day. You can choose to make each moment as positive and productive (in the[...]

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