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Build Momentum – How To Build Up A Head Of Steam, Then Conquer The World
Have you ever heard this expression?  “If you want to get something done, give it to the busiest person on[...]
Minimum Viable Blog Post (MVP)
I am experimenting with simply getting basic blog post (a minimum viable post--MVP) written and then posted asap -- then[...]
The One Move You Can Make To Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing
Not long ago I was at the gym in the middle of something called a “team training workout.”This type of[...]

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What Not To Include In Your Blog
When building an internet business, it's important to think about what not to include.  The most successful brands and websites[...]
What Makes You An Authority?
Why is one person the authority and the other person consuming (listening to) his/her perspective?This is a tricky business, but[...]
Quantity, Not Quality
With this 90 day challenge, I am shooting more for quantity, not quality. I've realized that the quality of my[...]
What would your life look like if you had no fear?
I'll can tell you what mine would look like. I'd find the exact home I want to live in, and[...]
The Dangers of Minimalism
I am by nature a fairly minimalistic person.  I just don't naturally spend a lot of money.  I could easily[...]
First Steps Building Your Website and Blog
Top level summary:keep it simple at firstfocus on producing content and publishingstart with a free sitethen buy your own[...]

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