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Is This Working?
There is a difference between ambient self-doubt and asking yourself, "Is this [specific thing] working?"Self-doubt wastes time and energy and[...]
Instead of “Action Item,” Make it just, “Fun”
In the modern world, many of us have drifting towards a hyper-productivity mindset. The mantra has become, "crank it out."Yes,[...]
Life Formulas
In the modern world, we are bombarded with information.  Nonstop.  Because of this, we need to develop the ability to[...]

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Take A Free HTML and CSS Course Online
Not everyone has to code, and only a few will ever pursue software development as a profession.  But, in the[...]
So What Is 10X Thinking Really About? Hint. It’s Not Just “Hard Work.”
You sometimes see writing extolling the virtue of thinking and working "10X" or "20X."But what does this mean?A lot of[...]
The Dangers of “Effort”
I have noticed in most books about self-improvement that the focus is on waking up early, establishing clear goals, pushing[...]
Courage is Key, But ….
Courage is key.  Unless you are a bodhisattva or utterly oblivious, as you move towards your deepest goals and dreams,[...]
Rough Means Started
When you have something big to tackle, just do it in phases.Initial rough sprint of thoughts or action.Then revisit the[...]
If You Are Stuck, It Means You Are Lacking Certain Key Skills
You have to grind it out. If you are stuck you need to just lean in with micro steps to[...]

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