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How To Achieve Success – Check This Simple Rule To See If You Are Gonna Get There…
Here's an interesting thought. When you visit a cafe in the United States these days, you see a ton of[...]
Gary Keller’s The One Thing – A Very Minor Tweak!!!
I love the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. Why?  Because Focus is keeeey.   Keeeeeyyy…. But there's one thing[...]
Learning To Code – A Few Tips
So you want to learn how to program?  I have some suggestions.First, full disclosure.  I’m hardly a programmer.  I’m a[...]

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Digital > Analog
I like working in the digital world better than the real world. The digital world has less friction.  When you[...]
Use Google Maps For Any Trip Over A Couple of Miles
If you make the habit of checking Google Maps before you leave on a trip, even when you know the[...]
What Not To Include In Your Blog
When building an internet business, it's important to think about what not to include.  The most successful brands and websites[...]
Journaling and Writing in WordPress
If you have an interest in developing a web-based business, I suggest you post all your personal writing inside a[...]
LEARN BY DOING: Thoughts on the 90-Day Challenge
I've just completed my 90-day challenge.  It's been fantastic.  First, the guillotine commitment of having to pay $1000 to the[...]
Thoughts on Using TDP.ME Effectively
If you haven’t used TDP.ME, I highly recommend it.  TDP.ME allows you to register daily goals and track your progress[...]

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