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Is This Working?
There is a difference between ambient self-doubt and asking yourself, "Is this [specific thing] working?"Self-doubt wastes time and energy and[...]
Instead of “Action Item,” Make it just, “Fun”
In the modern world, many of us have drifted towards a hyper-productivity mindset. The mantra has become, "crank it out."Yes,[...]
Life Formulas
In the modern world, we are bombarded with information.  Nonstop.  Because of this, we need to develop the ability to[...]

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How to Get Super Productive at Content Creation
Simple.  If you start writing a blog post, don’t stop until you have enough of a rough draft completed that[...]
Take A Free HTML and CSS Course Online
Not everyone has to code, and only a few will ever pursue software development as a profession.  But, in the[...]
Don’t Write First Drafts in WordPress
I suggest you not draft your posts in WordPress.  It’s just too slow.  Also, by drafting them offline, you have[...]
Build Momentum – How To Build Up A Head Of Steam, Then Conquer The World
Have you ever heard this expression?  “If you want to get something done, give it to the busiest person on[...]
Be Yourself Online – Shedding the Corporate Identity….
One of the things I've found challenging and interesting as I move into online entrepreneurship is the need to allow[...]
“Thought Blooms”
One of the most fascinating experience I have had as I walk the road of online entrepreneurship is what I[...]

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