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Success Through Massive Action – How It REALLY Works

You often hear or read about "taking massive action" to change your life circumstances, jumpstart a business, get in shape, etc.What is Massive Action?  Is it real?  Does it work?  How does it look? [...]

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Commit To Where You Are. No Matter What.

There is a terrible habit that many of us indulge.  No matter where we are, we somehow become dissatisfied and wish we were somewhere else. "Never Enough...  Not Quite Satisfied..." Got a pretty good job?  You focus on the [...]

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Rules For Success

A while back, I wrote about Success As A Series Of Algorithms.  I stand by everything a wrote in that post.  I'd like to expand upon the matter a bit further here [...]

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The Half Day Routine

There is no doubt.  There is immense power in routine and habit.  Once you get a pattern locked in, it just sort of keeps on going on automatic pilot.  And if you are reading this sentence, you likely have [...]

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LEARN BY DOING: Thoughts on the 90-Day Challenge

I've just completed my 90-day challenge.  It's been fantastic.  First, the guillotine commitment of having to pay $1000 to the charity of Miles Beckler's choice worked wonders [...]

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Be Fearless: Steps to Overcoming Your Doubts, Worries, and Fear

We've all experienced fear in one form or another--whether the trepidation before a job interview, struggling to muster the courage to ask that special someone out, or taking the plunge in a new venture.  Fear is real.  Fear is human.  It's a part of life, and it can be debilitating.  But I have good news.  You can learn to be fearless. You see fearlessness is a learned [...]

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First Steps Building Your Website and Blog

Top level summary: keep it simple at first focus on producing content and publishing start with a free Wordpress.com site then buy your own domain and get it hosted don’t buy a theme at first create, create, create content then worry about next steps such as getting traffic [...]

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Capture Your Ideas Upon Impact. Develop Them Later.

If you have an idea for a post or product or anything creative, immediately write it down.  Thoughts and ideas are fleeting.  Creativity has its own mysterious flow. Capture your ideas upon impact.  Develop them later. [...]

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