Instead of “Action Item,” Make it just, “Fun”

Whole Lot Of Fun

In the modern world, many of us have drifted towards a hyper-productivity mindset. The mantra has become, "crank it out."

Yes, being productive is great and fun and good.

But I have a suggestion. Rather than focusing on "effort" and "action items" and "I have to do so much," just think in terms of FUN.


When you plan your day, instead of a list of "Action Items" on a "To Do" list, just write Fun For Today at the top of a piece of paper or plain text document. Then write the things you want to have fun doing and exploring.

Can you feel the difference? "Action Items" conveys a sense of effort and pressure and "furrowed-brow" seriousness. I'm already feeling tired just thinking about "cranking out" those "action items."

But with fun? I could do this all day. Why, because FUN = PLAY, and PLAY = EFFORTLESS. Something you could do all day long because you are doing things you want to be doing.

So give it a try. Jettison "must do" action items, and substitute things you want to do today because they are fun. See what happens.

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