“Thought Blooms”

One of the most fascinating experience I have had as I walk the road of online entrepreneurship is what I call “thought blooms.”

You grind along for days and days.  Slowly eking out progress.  Learning the trade.  Clarifying your focus.

Then, out of nowhere, boom. You start to see the matrix.  Thoughts bloom.

For me, this often happens late at night.  I start to fall asleep, but a restless energy forces me at around 11:00 pm to pull out my computer and start jotting things down.

It can last all night long.  I’m not writing all the time, but every time I try to go back to sleep, more ideas and connections pierce the fog.  I’m compelled to write them down.

This goes on till around 4:00 or 5:00 am.  Then I drift off to sleep for a couple of hours.

Then next day, I’m wrecked.  But it was worth it.  Those thought blooms serve as guideposts for the weeks and months ahead.

Thought Blooms In Action

What have I learned from these thought blooms?  Quite a bit.

  • First, creative thinking comes in waves.
  • Second, these blooms build directly on the foundation of the hard yards of normal work.  You grind along for days, weeks, and months–consistently.  That work eventually leads to breakthroughs in thinking.
  • Third, you have to write down the new ideas immediately. Creativity is fleeting and should be respected.  Don’t assume that even good ideas will remain clear or even be remembered a few hours later.

Thought Blooms = Progress = Hope = Motivation

Finally, progress is real.  Don’t ever give up hope.  Keep on working.  That’s the key.  And remember: it’s always darkest before dawn.

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