Be Yourself Online – Shedding the Corporate Identity….

Be Yourself Online An Shed That Corporate Identity

One of the things I’ve found challenging and interesting as I move into online entrepreneurship is the need to allow my ACTUAL PERSONALITY to come through in the content I create.

It’s interesting that the corporate or government worlds encourage a different professional dynamic–one in which all the particular edges of our unique personalities get smoothed off and we become more homogenized.

I find that when I write, especially about finance, it is not easy to shed the “professional diplomat providing analysis” identity and style.

But, you know what is great?  The more I write online, the more my natural personality is slowly coming to the fore.  It’s actually a lot more relaxed to just be who you are and lay it out there.

I hope at the end of my 90 day challenge that I will have shed the Procrustean, corporate style that eclipsed my natural voice — that I will finally be myself online.

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