Dashlane Just Makes Life Easier

Dashlane Makes Life Online A Whole Lot Easier

Have you ever used a password manager? If not, you don't know what you are missing. Seriously. Password managers help you keep track of all your online passwords in one place. They automatically log you into a website, and they let you know if your passwords are not strong or are duplicated on more than one site. They also help you login on cell phones--no more hunting and pecking as you try to type in your password on a small screen.

My life before Dashlane:

  • Several times a week I try to log into a website and totally forget the password. I'm hoping for the best and get locked out after three attempts. Then, the cumbersome process of recovering my password begins.
  • My passwords are all listed on a Microsoft word document in something of a shambles (and a major security risk).

My life after Dashlane:

  • I go to a website, and--boom--I'm automatically logged in.
  • I have a unique, super-strong password for each site. (This is huge from a security point of view.)
  • I no longer avoid logging into sites on my cell phone because I dread logging in and trying to peck in the password on my phone.

I shopped around and tried more than one password manager provider before settling on Dashlane.​ I picked Dashlane over its main competitors (even though it was a couple of bucks more expensive) because the software is quite user-friendly. Some of the other password managers user interface is hard to deal with. They just aren't intuitive. Also, with over three million users, I trust that Dashlane is less likely to compromise my passwords. Hugely important. So That's why I picked these guys--they are just easier to use and I trust them.

Give Dashlane a try. You won't regret it.

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