Frequency of Action Trumps Epic Effort

Frequency of Action Trumps Epic Effort

As you move forward towards your goals — weight loss, improved love life, professional advancement, artistic endeavors — I suggest you focus on the frequency with which you take action rather than attempting epic marathon sessions that strive to achieve whatever you are focused on.

Over The Long Term, Less demanding, but more frequent work sessions are more productive

Here’s Why:

  • Steady application creates habits.  Once you form a habit on a specific topic, it becomes a lot easier to just keep on moving towards that goal.
  • Marathon sessions can burn you out.  If you burn out, you stop.  Once you stop, you have lost your forward momentum.  It takes more energy to get going again from a stop than to just maintain your momentum.
  • You will enjoy what you are doing more if you don’t dread the epic sessions.  And you will therefore keep going.
  • Pursuing your goal regularly will shift your identity towards that goal, which will help you truly make the shift into making the activity a reality in your life.  If you just flail epically at something every once in a while, your identity won’t take on the new activity as a deep part of who you are.

So pursue your goal every day for 10-or 20 minutes rather than trying to get it all done once every two weeks in an all-day sprint.  Trust me: you will get much farther along the path to making your dreams a reality…..

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