Focus vs Down Time – Are You Striking The Right Balance?

Diffuse Mode. Striking The Right Balance.

I found this point from The Odin Project thought-provoking:

"When learning, your mind will consistently switch between the following two states:

Focus mode:

This state occurs when you are consciously focusing on learning, reading, watching videos, or working on a project.

Diffuse mode:

This state occurs subconsciously, at times when you are not actively learning, such as doing the dishes, exercising, sleeping, etc. When in this state your mind goes about the business of connecting what you have been learning to the other things you know. This is where break-throughs happen.

It's important to know that your mind goes through these two states to learn because you can utilize this to make your learning more efficient. When stuck on a concept or project taking a break to refresh and let your subconscious go to work connecting what you are learning together more often than not leads to a solution to your problem. The trick is that you have to put effort into solving the problem first and then take a break."

This quote reminds me of the parable from the Buddha about a lute.  He stressed that a stringed instrument plays its best music when it is neither strung too tight (someone overdoing everything and too tightly wound) nor strung so loose that it only sounds notes that are flat (a lack of effort, laziness, general lassitude).

There is a middle way that allows the greatest progress, productivity, and happiness.  When I err, I tend to err on overdoing things and draining down my energy too much.

What about you?  Too tightly wound, too loose, or just right?

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