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Is This Working?

Worrying Or Thinking. Spot The Difference.

There is a difference between ambient self-doubt and asking yourself, “Is this [specific thing] working?” Self-doubt wastes time and energy and makes you miserable.  In contrast, objectively, patiently, and dispassionately gauging if something is working or no is simply smart. So when you start to worry, do a gut check and ask yourself: “Is this just generalized […]

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The One Habit That Changes Everything

Discipline, The Keystone Habit

Discipline is an interesting concept.  One that has been pushed aside to some degree in our modern, consumerist society. Why pushed aside?  Because encouraging discipline doesn’t sell anything.  So the signals and symbols and examples and models of discipline tend to take a back seat in the media we are exposed to from day to day. Yet […]

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Focus vs Down Time – Are You Striking The Right Balance?

Diffuse Mode. Striking The Right Balance.

I found this point from The Odin Project thought-provoking:”When learning, your mind will consistently switch between the following two states:Focus mode:This state occurs when you are consciously focusing on learning, reading, watching videos, or working on a project.Diffuse mode:This state occurs subconsciously, at times when you are not actively learning, such as doing the dishes, […]

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Why I Switched from HostGator to SiteGround

I recently switched from HostGator to SiteGround (affiliate link). Here’s a quick and dirty review on why. Basically, my sites were just too slow on HostGator’s Baby Web package. Tech support was decent, but the servers were just too slow. SiteGround is known to focus on website speed as well as for its off the […]

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