Focus = Letting Go

Focusing means letting go. Letting go of:

  • Things you don't care about anymore
  • Pipe dreams--so you can focus on real dreams
  • So many goals that you don't make deep progress towards any
  • Negative emotions that drain your energy
  • Regrets from years past
  • Resentments from years past
  • Expectations that things will go exactly as you planned

Here's a suggestion. Every day for ten days, think of one thing you can let go of. It can be a physical item floating around in your life, or a negative thought or regret. For the physical stuff, you just give it away to charity or sell it. For the mental stuff, I suggest you write a journal entry where you acknowledge the regret, pain, worry, etc. Then write that you are letting it go. You can do it. It will free up tremendous energy and focus for you. After ten days, shift to letting go of one item per week.

When you focus, your energy will be conserved and directed with tremendous purpose. You will be happier, more energetic, and a lot more successful.

What can you let go of? How about the need to be perfect?

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