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Gary Keller’s The One Thing – A Very Minor Tweak!!!

The One Thing. A Minor Suggested Tweak!

I love the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. Why?  Because Focus is keeeey.   Keeeeeyyy…. But there’s one thing (pun intended!) that I think may help all of us as we implement the wisdom embodied in Gary’s fantastic book. Let me explain.  Gary stresses that we absolutely must prioritize, clarify our focus, and know exactly what that […]

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The Greatest Cure For Anxiety

The Greatest Cure for Anxiety

Work like a dog.  Seriously, for a certain type of anxiety, there is no other antidote. “TENSION IS THE DISTANCE BETWEEN WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU SHOULD BE” For many, tension and anxiety are the signal their soul uses to say – “Go.  Go now.  Get Going

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The Naked Journey From Fear to Mastery

One of my goals with this TomJohnston.org is to show you the evolution of the mindset of an entrepreneur. It’s been pretty ugly in some ways! You will see a fair amount of writing on fear and uncertainty in the early days of TomJohnston.org. This reflected my own challenges dealing with the newfound uncertainty of […]

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You Have To Keep F’ing Going

Keep F'ing Going

If you are starting a new venture, you will hit a point where you are still struggling and doubting yourself (unless you are one of those rare creatures who has little self-doubt). Here’s my advice. You have to keep going. Yes, there is a time to quit. Sometimes something isn’t right. It’s just truly off. […]

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Too Much Security….

Beware Too Much Security

Too much security can be debilitating.  Look at communist countries and even the aftermath of these societies once they attempt to move on from a communist model. The people who were used to that level of security (borderline poverty-stricken though they were) sometimes struggle to make the transition to a society that is driven by […]

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Mind Map Your Life

Mind Map Your Life

Are you jogging along in a state of confusion? I have a few suggestions for you.  First, read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, and implement the process he outlines.  See thoughts on this topic here, here, and here. Next, Mind Map your life.  This means get a whiteboard and dry erase markers.  (I have […]

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Get Focused: Turn Off All General Notifications

Get Focused

I recently created a video for YouTube talking about getting focused. The clip emphasizes getting focused through subtraction: eliminating physical objects from your life you don’t care about, purging your digital content of old and stale information, and even purging your mind of thought loops and negative emotions that linger beyond their sell by date. Here, […]

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First, Commit To Yourself

Commit To Yourself

First, commit to yourself. To Your Success.  Whatever it Takes.  This is not the same as committing to a specific path (which is also important).  This means you commit to:Confidence.  Just believe in yourself.  Believe your life will flourish. Believe you are making good choices.  Believe each day can go well.Hard Work.  Hard working doesn’t […]

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