What’s The One Word That Captures The Essence Of Entrepreneurship?

Get Initiative If You Want To Succeed

I recently wrote a post a MightyInvestor.com about the one word that describes those who attain financial independence early in life.  If you want to know more, click through to the article.

I thought I'd do the same for entrepreneurship.

What's the one characteristic that entrepreneurs have that others don't?


In my experience, initiative is the one characteristic that distinguishes successful entrepreneurs.

What do I mean by initiative? 

  • They don't wait for opportunity.
  • They don't wait to start their project.
  • They don't let fear stop them from moving ahead.
  • They don't wait until they have total clarity to move ahead.
  • They don't insist on perfection before launching.
  • They get out there and meet people.  Make contacts.  Build networks.

Do you see how all of the above relate to initiative?  The word itself -- initiative --goes back to the Latin for "to begin."  And that's what entrepreneurs do.  They get going now rather than tomorrow.  Then they figure it out along the way.

Initiative = Production

Here is a related point that comes straight out of initiative. 

Entrepreneurs are producers.  They produce more than they consume.  They provide solutions to the world rather than waiting for them. 

Just Get Going

You know what's great?  Initiative can be learned.  The key is to get started.  What's the next step for you to take?  Start as small as you need.  But get yourself going and keep moving forward.

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