Produce More Than You Consume – The Mental Hack That Will Turn You Into A True Entrepreneur

Produce More Than You Consume For The Win!

If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur or artist or doing anything more creative, I've got a mental hack that just might help you turn the corner.  Always be thinking: produce more than you consume.

Produce More Than You Consume

The goal is to, each day, 6 days a week, spend at least 50 percent of your time "producing" things, not consuming things.

Other ways to phrase this:

  • Produce More Than You Consume

  • Do Rather Than Think About Doing

  • Create Rather Than Worry/Overthink

How about you?  Do you spend your days reading about "how to X" or are you actually building things?  Make the transition.  At first it will be rough and ugly.  But it's the only way true way ahead. 

(Hat Tip to Miles Beckler at MilesBeckler.com for pushing me to think about producing more than I consume.)

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