The Greatest Cure For Anxiety

The Greatest Cure for Anxiety

Work like a dog.  Seriously, for a certain type of anxiety, there is no other antidote.


For many, tension and anxiety are the signal their soul uses to say – “Go.  Go now.  Get Going.  Get To Work.  Achieve Your Dreams.”

Are you tense because you want to be in a relationship and have a family?  What are you doing to move closer to that dream?  Nothing?  Not much?  Tension.

Want to have a brighter career?  Feel tense about it?  What pragmatic steps are you taking to move the dial?  Nothing?  Here comes the tension.

Action And Work Move The Dial

Listen to this alarm, heed it, and get to work.  I don’t mean put in 30 minutes.  I mean massive action.  You put in 10 hours towards your goal?  You will feel good at the end of the day.  More relaxed.

The hardest moment is getting started.  You have no momentum.  You need to push here, but be clever.  Rather than attempt to conquer the world, this is the moment to take a baby step.  Just get the ball rolling.  Once you have a little movement, then slowly ramp up till you can get cranking and put in the hard work.  Then, work like a dog.

Yes, There Are Caveats

Once you start producing on a massive level, you will feel good.  Keep going.  There is much joy and peace here.  But be careful.  There is another risk.  Burnout.  You have to recharge sometimes and disconnect.  This is important.  So do what you need to (rest, balance, diet, exercise) do to stay fresh and energized.

Work isn’t everything, but get going and see how much better you feel.

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