You Have To Keep F’ing Going

Keep F'ing Going

If you are starting a new venture, you will hit a point where you are still struggling and doubting yourself (unless you are one of those rare creatures who has little self-doubt).

Here’s my advice. You have to keep going. Yes, there is a time to quit. Sometimes something isn’t right. It’s just truly off. Your body and health will help tell you that.

But, be careful that you don’t bail just because you are doubting yourself. That’s not the same as doubting the project.

Again, my advice. Keep going.

That means keep doing the work. Keep grinding. It’s only in working and improving your skills and understanding of what you are doing, what the market wants, and what is possible that you will get anywhere.

Also, if your doubt gets so bad that you stop working, you come to a standstill.

So, again, my advice: Keep F’ing Going.

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