First, Commit To Yourself

Commit To Yourself

First, commit to yourself. To Your Success.  Whatever it Takes.  This is not the same as committing to a specific path (which is also important).  This means you commit to:

  • Confidence.  Just believe in yourself.  Believe your life will flourish. Believe you are making good choices.  Believe each day can go well.
  • Hard Work.  Hard working doesn't mean a one dimensional life, but it does mean putting in the "hard yards" to build your skills, make contacts, and actually produce.  You'll be happier when you are productive anyway.
  • Adaptability.  Life does not proceed according to plan, perfectly.  If you insist on the exact path and results of your ideals without any ability to adjust, you will be frustrated and disappointed.  Roll with the punches, adapt, and flourish.  Look at nature, it constantly flows and adapts while still trending towards goals and intentions.
  • Openness.  This means being open to what comes your way, not closed and insisting on the results you expected before your real contact with reality.  Again, related to adaptability, it means being willing to adapt, accept, and embrace what life offers you.
  • Learning.  You don't start the journey having it all figured out. Commit to learning as a lifelong process.  It will sharpen your skills, and keep you open to new ideas, approaches, people, and modes of thinking.

Have you noticed how these different topics are intertwined and interrelated?  With openness, you can learn.  With learning, you can adapt. With hard work, you build confidence.  Etc.

But, first, make the commitment to yourself--and stop worrying all the time.

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