I Don’t Like The Word “Hack.” Here’s Why….

I Don't Like The Word Hack

I don’t like the word “”hack.”

It smacks of short-cutting.

Of get, get, get.

Of trying to grab something for nothing.

Why not live life so that you flow like water, gracefully floating on the Dao?

Do you need to hack life?  Why?  It’s no coincidence that this word also means to chop at with an axe.  It has a jerky undertone, lacking grace.

Some of the champions of “life hacking” meet fame and fortune, but there remains an air of desperation, loneliness, and disjointedness about them.  They cut corners, move fast, and find success, but at what cost.  They seem out of joint.  Stressed and pressured to do another great whatever.

Hacking short circuits the plant, cultivate, harvest way of life.  It leaves people (sometimes) materially abundant but spiritually empty.

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