Quick Tip: Learn The Keyboard Shortcuts

You will likely spend most of your working life on a computer.  Learn the basic quick keys now.  Consistently use them, and you will save days over the course of your life.

Here’s a start:

  • Control A (highlights all the text)
  • Control C (copies the highlighted text)
  • Control V (pastes the copied text)
  • Control X (cuts the highlighted text)
  • Control P (prints the document)
  • Control S (saves the document)
  • Control B (makes bold)
  • Control I (makes italics)
  • Control N (new document in Word, new email in Outlook)
  • Control Enter (sends your email in Outlook)
  • F4 (closes the document you are working in)

Also, the tab button is often much quicker to use than the mouse.  Try to use the tab to move around in familiar documents.

This is just a tiny step into the command keys world.  A quick google search will bring you many more to learn.  Yes, they are a bit different if you are using the Mac operating system.  Go ahead and learn those if you are a Mac user.

It’s worth your time to change your habits and minimize use of the mouse.  This isn’t about rushing, it’s about elegant efficiency.  As I said above, you will save a ton of time over the course of your life….

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