What To Do When You Are Stuck?

When You Are Stuck

What should you do when you are stuck? I have a simple answer for you: take the next step.

What's the next step? Simple. What can you do? Right now. Today.

  • Can you create a webpage for your venture?
  • Make a blog post?
  • Call a contact?
  • Outline a strategy or vision?
  • Read a book that sharpens your knowledge and skills? (Notice I didn't suggest surfing the web and randomly reading or watching stuff.)
  • Call a friend and tell them about your idea and get feedback.

Action Generates Feedback, Momentum, and Skills

Do you see what's going on here? You need to get out of your head (which is stuck in unproductive loops) and start taking action. With action comes feedback from reality and a deepening of knowledge and skills. Action generates momentum.

Keep taking the next step enough times (over a long enough period), and you will become an expert faster than you think. Once you have expertise, the next steps become more and more obvious.

So, please, if you are stuck, take the next step. You can do this.

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