How To Achieve Success – Check This Simple Rule To See If You Are Gonna Get There…

Check This Simple Rule On How To Achieve Success

We all want to know how to achieve success, right?  Well here's an interesting thought for you to consider.

When you visit a cafe in the United States these days, you see a ton of people doing something solo on their computers.

How many of these people are consuming vs. producing something?

  • Consuming an article vs. writing it.
  • Reading a book vs. writing a book.
  • Using software rather than creating software.

Or let's take it outside the cafe.  How much time do you spend admiring someone with a gorgeous body vs. taking the steps (how you eat, how you exercise, etc.) to sculpt a gorgeous body.

How To Achieve Success - Get Momentum, Then Produce

You might think this is a matter of "I don't have enough energy to do that."  But could it rather be a matter of momentum and habits?  Sure.  You might not be able to shift from consumer to producer on a dime, but with gentle baby steps, you can turn yourself into a powerhouse

So how does your solo time at a café look?  Scrolling social media and binge reading the news?  All good, but--if you truly want to achieve success--start moving that dial from consumer to producer and watch what happens….

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