Seeking Clarity? Move. Take Action. Don’t Wait. The Feedback From Reality Is Priceless.

Seeking Clarity? Take Some Action

It is very common in almost all life circumstances to want to wait until you have greater clarity to take action.  There is a crucial problem with this approach: you get greater clarity through taking action and not vice versa.  So if you're thinking about building a business, just start.  Yes, you don't know what you're doing.  Yes, you will have to redo stuff.  Yes, you might even have to go back and change the key aspects of your business. 

When You Make A Move, The Feedback From Reality Is Where You Learn

When you take action, the feedback from reality is priceless. What's more, you can go back and repurpose much of what you build if necessary.  For example, say you start a business with a specific website name and realize it's not appropriate. You will learn this early on enough that it won't be tragic if you have to change.  But you won't really figure it out until you dive in and start learning about the specifics of your niche, audience, etc.

You Can Always Go Back And Fix What Needs Fixing

What's more, the real heavy lifting of content creation and marketing efforts is in actually creating the work.  Going back and fixing stuff takes time -- yes -- but not tremendous amounts of work.  You can even outsource such "repurposing" if necessary.

The key thing is to get to work.  Rather than wait for clarity, get going.  Build skills.  Adapt.  Learn what works and what doesn't--rather than just circling in your mind wondering "what if."

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