How to Get Super Productive at Content Creation

Simple.  If you start writing a blog post, don’t stop until you have enough of a rough draft completed that you can publish it online immediately.  Yes, you may need research to support your post, but sprint out a rough draft and get it online.  If you need to flesh out it later, so be it.

This technique has several advantages:

  • It precludes writing a gazillion half-finished posts that languish away on your computer.
  • It forces you to think the posting through to some sort of conclusion
  • It encourages focus, which will get you very far in life
  • It helps you build momentum and builds morale because you feel productive
  • It is simply crazy efficient as you can’t waste time if you have to complete the posting in one sitting

Yes, yes, I know that not all posts and content can fit this process.  But most—even long and elaborate posts—can be completed in one sitting if you are willing to block your time such that you can really focus.

This posting followed the above advice, of course.  I sprinted it out in 5 minutes and posted it immediately.  Now I’m moving on with life.  Produce more than you consume….

What do you think?  Would this work for you?

(P.S. The above is for when you get down to writing a specific post.  Jotting down initial thoughts that occur to you is a separate process.)

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