What Makes You An Authority?

What Makes You An Authority? Good Question.

Why is one person the authority and the other person consuming (listening to) his/her perspective?

This is a tricky business, but it boils down to two items probably in equal measure:

  • Experience and knowledge
  • The presumption that one knows what he is doing and should share it with others

Most people with tremendous experience and knowledge are nonetheless shy to assume the position of authority.  The only way people become comfortable as an authority is by choosing to play that role.  Over time they realize they know what they are talking about.  They actually develop into the role.

To Become An Authority, Do, Do, Do.  Then Share, Share, Share.

This practice of doing, learning, and sharing -- rather than just passively observing life -- is not intuitive for most people.

As an example, say you want to become an authority on novel writing.  Well, write novels and then share what you know.  That's how you get there.  Over time.

(P.S. You really want to become an authority? Produce more than you consume.)

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