• You choose to be happy every day.
  • You can choose to make each moment as positive and productive (in the sense of producing the best result) as possible.  Choose to be happy now, in this moment.  It isn’t over the horizon contingent upon achievement.  Choose now.
  • There is a balance between producing and consuming.  Almost everyone in the modern world has shifted too much towards consuming.
  • Abundance is everywhere.  Focus on it: the effortless strength of the wind, the power of the sea, a tree in bloom.
  • Give.  Give.  Give.
  • Integrity matters.  Not just for career and reputation, but also for your internal state.  Err on the side of integrity.  You might in the short-term end up with less money, but you will be much happier and energetic.  On the other hand, don’t be pedantically ethical to the point of making getting anything done impossible.
  • A healthy family is crucial to happiness, success, prosperity.
  • Friends should be nurtured.
  • How you think.  What you think.  Matters.
  • How you speak.  What you say.  Matters.
  • Sincere prayer is powerful and will help you both connect to God and practically in your life.
  • Humility protects against allowing values to invert and become unbalanced.
  • We each have our own Authentic Swing.  We are happiest when we are swinging our own swing, not trying to mimic someone else.  Few people have the courage to swing their own swing.
  • Energy and courage are important.  However, attempting to accomplish goals through brute force and willpower is exhausting.  It is better to accomplish goals methodically, with gentle intention and steady application.
  • When associated with the right people and institutions, it is much easier to accomplish goals.  Institutions are valuable.  They provide support, teach skills, and save time.
  • The institutions you associate with will shape your values and modes of thinking.  Be thoughtful about what institutions you join.
  • Your network is valuable.  It should be nurtured, but with integrity.
  • Fear could mean: you are trying something new and don’t know what you are doing; you are pursuing your deepest dream and feel exposed by the idea of failure; you are rushing to get clarity on something that needs more information—slow down and get more data; you literally are fearing for physical survival.
  • Generally, fear is overcome through both action and letting go, not through more thinking.
  • There is a balance between thought and action.  Between thought and no thought.  The natural world shows us the way.  After day, comes night.  The heart expands and contracts (diastole and systole).  Spring blooms, fall fades.  In modern life, many are drifting from this rhythm.

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