Stay Focused On Your Goal

Get Focused

Often you won’t reach your goal immediately.  You might even feel like you aren’t making progress.

Stay focused on your goal.  Keep it in your mind.  Keep writing it down.  Don’t lose heart.

Here is a very minor example from my own life.  For months, I realized that I needed to wake up earlier and get the dominoes falling in my day early on.  This would build momentum for the whole day and allow me to relax more.  I knew I needed to wake up earlier, but I didn’t.  I wasn’t exhausted or anything, I just wasn’t succeeding.  Then, little by little, I started waking up earlier.  I actually never set my alarm to make this change.  It just slowly happened.  The goal was there, and I got there eventually.

So stay focused on your goal.

It may take time–weeks, months, even years.  But you can get there.

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