Writing is a Craft to Master

Writing is a Craft to Master

When you think of writing, what comes to mind? Fun? Elegance? Struggle? Fear?

For many, writing is a struggle. This is normal if you have not written much. Writing is a skill like any other.

However, once you find your voice, learn basic grammar, and practice a lot, I suggest you challenge your assumptions about how difficult or grueling writing should be.

Could writing your blog post take you no more than 10 minutes? Even a longer one? This depends on how well you know your topic, how well you understand the mechanics of WordPress and SEO, and how far you've coming in mastering the craft of writing.

When a great musician plays a beautiful piece, how long does it take to play? Five minutes? Ten? Twenty? Is it an agony or an ecstasy?

Writing is a Craft to Master

I challenge you to see writing differently. See it as a craft to master. Something you can deeply enjoy while you perform (write). Something that can happen swiftly once you find your voice and sharpen your skills.

Think of writing like playing an instrument. Yes, it is slow and requires hard work to learn, but you can become fluid and graceful and talented with time. Then you can write about your theme with the joy and spontaneity of a master.

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