What Not To Include In Your Blog

What Not To Include In Your Blog

When building an internet business, it’s important to think about what not to include.  The most successful brands and websites have a focus and clarity of purpose.

A site that details the best deals on cash back and travel credit cards is more likely to flourish than one focused on everything under the sun–and, oh yeah, here’s some stuff about cash back credit cards.  Similarly, a site focused on scoring you great international airline fares provides targeted value in a way that musing about travel (with some comments occasionally about deals) will not.  As a final example, a blog that delivers Zen-like wisdom in a concentrated form gets traction more than a website that meanders all around the topic of spirituality.

Your Website Needs Voice and Focus

You want a voice and you want a focus.  Also think through the degree of detail or not you include in your content.  You don’t want to be so general in content that you risk creating bland writing that is so general that it is no longer super useful.  When you go too broad, you:

  • Dilute your niche
  • Your content becomes too random
  • You drive away readers who have a passionate interest in a specific topic

On the other hand, you don’t want to go so technical and in the weeks that you exhaust your readers, especially those new to the subject matter.

You Find The Balance Through Trial and Error

So there’s a balance to be struck here.  You have to be conscious of what not to include.  How narrow to focus, and how much detail to include.  This art, like all the rest, is learned through trial and error–deeds rather than pondering too much about it.

I’ve dealt with the issue of wanting to write on multiple topics by starting three different blogs: one focused on financial independence, one that addresses internet entrepreneurship, and one that reflects on spirituality.

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