Digital > Analog

Digital Beats Analog

I like working in the digital world better than the real world.

  • The digital world has less friction.  When you send an idea out–it goes.  Your work moves at the speed of electrons.
  • The digital world is generally more abstract, focused on ideas, innovation, matters of the mind.
  • The digital world can operate exponentially–you can grow a business quickly, and it can reach millions for very limited amounts of capital invested.

Note, this doesn’t mean I prefer the digital world to real life.  I actually love both.  There is no beating a walk on a beach or a hike in the mountains–or a flower in bloom on your table.

But, for work, digital plays to my strengths and interests–information, sharing, structuring ideas in ways that make people more productive and flourish.

What about you?  Is Digital > Analog?

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