Constantly Unsubscribe

I am often amazed when I see a friend or colleague’s personal email inbox chock full of random emails and promotions.  Think of the time and attention you are wasting each day deleting all these dozens (or more) of emails.

Here’s an easy tip to free up time.

Just constantly unsubscribe from any lists you aren’t interested in.  Also, assuming you have no interest in future interaction with the person or business sending you the emails, add them to your junk folder for good measure.

Note, I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post if I hadn’t seen firsthand how many people let their inboxes get totally clogged up.

Let me know if you do this and how it went…..

Related Tip: Have an extra email address dedicated to signing up for websites and email lists that you aren’t yet sure about.  This way the company or person you are giving a try can’t sell your main email address to random marketers.

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