The Power of Thought is Immense–But Action Moves The Dial

Action Moves The Dial

There is much discussion on the internet about the law of attraction, the power of thoughts, etc.  I don’t discount any of this.  Yes, thoughts can and do beget deeds.  And, yes, altering your thinking alone can dramatically shift your life.

But there sometimes seems to be a lack of focus on action.  This is odd.

We should place an equal, if not greater, emphasis on action.  If you are hoping to change or create something in the real world, you must actually do something.  Take pragmatic steps–a.k.a. action.

To be clear, action doesn’t have to mean some dramatic, bold, physical gesture in the manner of a superhero.  If you are a poet, your action might be to regularly, actually write poetry–not just study and talk about being a poet.  If you are a golfer, you better be actually playing golf.

Developing skills and eventual mastery comes from doing whatever activity it is you care about–rather than thinking about your goals.  In fact, between thinking and doing, I’d pick action every time.  Who would learn to ski more quickly?  The person who spends eight hours reading about skiing every day–or the person who spends one hour per day actually on the slopes?

Yes, of course, we all need to study and learn technique and gather the perspective of others.  But that should never eclipse the process of doing (which is usually harder and takes more effort–particularly at the start).

So if you really want to achieve your goals, take action and literally start doing the activity you want to master.

One great way to jumpstart this process is through a 90-day challenge.

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