When You First Start, It Will Be Rough, Ugly, and Effortful

Have you ever learned some new sport or musical instrument as an adult?  Remember the arc?  You probably experienced exuberant enthusiasm that kept you going for an hour or two–maybe even for a full day.  Then, you were flailing, and there was no end in sight from the flailing.

The point is.  Unless you are somehow magically in tune at all times with the Dao, the moment just after starting the new practice or habit will be rough, ugly, effortful, maybe even painful.

You just have to recognize, accept this, and move ahead.

Here are a few strategies to cope:

  • Break up what you are doing into manageable micro-steps.
  • Hang out with other people who are pursuing your goal.  If they are better than you, even better–they will drag you up to their level.
  • Just muscle through.  But be careful not to burn out by trying to go too far too fast.  You’ll now when you hit the wall.  You will be forced to back off regardless of your will.

Of the above suggestions, probably the best means to get through this suck phase is to spend time with other people pursuing the same goal.  There is something about group dynamics that carries you along toward your aims.

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