Quantity, Not Quality

With this 90 day challenge, I am shooting more for quantity, not quality.

I’ve realized that the quality of my posting–particularly whether the postings and site all hang together under the right niche–is simply not going to happen without a lot more experience.

So, I’m doing something that is NOT natural for me.  I’m focusing as much on quantity as quality.  (If necessary, I will go back and delete some posts down the road.)

Here’s a useful analogy.  If you are a new skier, which would be the quickest way to mastering your new sport.  Obsessively attempting to perfect every turn on the beginner slope and getting in maybe two runs in a day?  Or simply going and putting in 20 runs per day and then regrouping as you go along.  In my judgement, it is indeed experience that leads to greater skill.

So, goodbye perfectionism.  Hello, learning curve!

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