YOUR 90 Day Challenge

The 90-day challenge

I recently conducted an interview with my friend Miles Beckler about the 90-day challenge I completed, in which I created new blog content for 90 days.  I wrote an initial summary of that experience here.  But that was more what I learned.

Today I want to give YOU some suggestions for how to make your 90-day challenge as successful as possible.

So, without further ado,

How To Make Your 90-Day Challenge As Successful As Possible

  • Make it doable.  That means don't try to SEO optimize, and make a perfect website, and write (create) perfect content all at once, and scare up tons of traffic all at once.  Figure out your priority, and focus on that.
  • I suggest you simply focus on producing content.  Every day, without fail.  Focus on quantity more than quality. You will figure out what you like doing and what draws you to keep writing.
  • Don't wait forever.  Get your basic website up, and start the challenge.
  • To take the pressure off, get about ten posts or videos ready to go before you start.  However, I suggest you don't post these "reserve" posts (videos) immediately.  Keep them as a buffer, but strive to create new content every day all the way through.
  • It's ok if some (though not most) of your creations during the 90-day challenge are pretty minimal.  The key is to produce every day.
  • Realistically, much of your content will be items you have already thought about and started.  In my case, I probably had 40 posts half written when I started. So a lot of the 90-day journey was about getting those done and posted.
  • So, the point is, every day should include some work, but you don't have to be starting from scratch each and every day.
  • Again, don't worry about perfection, worry about production at the start.  With writing it's easy to go back and improve stuff later.  With videos, if you have to, you can rerecord down the road.
  • Don't worry too much about traffic at the start.
  • If you are worried about feeling exposed by putting stuff out there, don't sweat it too much.  You will have virtually no traffic to start.  That's not all bad while you are finding your way and figuring things out.
  • That said, don't ever put something out on the internet that you wouldn't want showing up on the front page of your local newspaper.
  • I suggest you create first thing in the morning, before checking email, before anything.  Just get it done.  That's the most realistic way to make sure you hit your marks each and every day for 90 days.

Final Thoughts

Remember to have fun and think long-term.  You will be learning new skills, like a brand new skier on the bunny slope.  So don't sweat it.  Just keep doing the work and expanding your knowledge and talents.

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