What To Do When You Are Stuck #2

When You Are Stuck

Feeling stuck?  Here's a suggested approach if all your efforts only dig you deeper into the hole.

Stop Trying So Hard

If you are stuck, stop trying.  Let the Dao take over.  All this trying and effort will cut you off from life and deeper reality.

Just stop and sit there and be for a moment.  See what happens.

I quit a great job that didn't fully match my personality.  Then I spent a year just trying trying trying trying trying to force something.  Nothing worked.

You know why?  Because the universe (and my most internal self) wanted me to do something else.  I had to stop trying so hard before my true nature and calling could manifest.

This was a painful lesson.  The work I produced was not horrible, but it wasn't great, either.

After hitting the wall again and again and again, I was stuck.  I knew that what I was trying to do wasn't working.  But I didn't see a way ahead. 

If You Are Feeling Stuck, Let Go

Then I just let go.  I let the great mystery take over.  That something outside myself started to guide each step.  It wasn't all perfectly effortless from there on out, but I moved beyond the dead end.

If you are stuck, you may be trying to force yourself down the wrong path.  Stop.  Take a breath.  See if something outside yourself gives you a clue where to go next and what to do.

You might be surprised.

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