Rough Means Started

Rough Means Started: Iterate for Success

When you have something big to tackle, just do it in phases.

Initial rough sprint of thoughts or action.

Then revisit the task.

And revisit again.

Make it an iterative process.

This makes for a much smoother path than trying for perfection and completion in the initial go.

Like polishing something into beauty, it takes multiple passes.

You will find it so much easier to accomplish things this way, especially at first as you don't expect much other than to get something rough out.

Rough Means Started

Bang out something rough.  Then walk away and revisit--15 min later, the next day, or whenever. Then do it yet again.

A huge benefit to this approach is that it massively lowers the barrier to getting started, since you no longer expect perfection from the moment you begin.  And, as we know, getting started is often the great barrier….

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