Feeling Stuck in Life? Here’s A Simple Trick That Might Help.

Stuck in Life? Change Your Location…..

Are you feeling stuck in life?  Here's a suggestion:

Change Your Location, Shake Things Up, Roll Those Dice

We've all experienced feeling stuck in life.  That lethargy.  That just not knowing what to do.

If you find yourself at an impasse, I have a suggestion for you.  Change your location.  Seriously, just change where you hang out, where you do your work, or--in some cases--were you live.

Setting yourself up in a new location provokes new thinking, fresh ideas, and a different energy.

This is particularly true if you happen to live in the same town where you grew up.  Sometimes when we are living where we grew up, we stay locked in an identity of how others perceive us.  This can hold you back….

A New Desk, A New Café, A New Route to Work, A New City, A New Country, A New Life

So why not think about it?  One option would be to take a vacation to the town you are thinking about moving to.  Spend a week or ten days at an AirBnB in the neighborhood you might like to live.  See how it feels.  You might just want to pick up and move there.  In a new place, you can create the identity and friendships that will help you get farther faster, live the life you want to live, and be the person you know you are.  You can always go back home and visit, often even.  You might also be able to change towns while maintaining your current employer--or even telecommute.

More broadly, sometimes it is good to pick up the dice, shake them in the tumbler, and roll them out on the table.  You will have a totally different constellation to work from.

Yes, If You Are Feeling Stuck, Make A Move.  But Don't Be Stupid About It.

To be clear, though, just because you are feeling stuck in life I don't encourage quitting your job and/or moving impulsively.  Changing your location might just mean picking a different cafe or bar to frequent -- or trying something new.  Remember, baby steps.  Think things through.  Be thoughtful.  

Blowing things up without a clear plan often leads to a worse situation.  So be deliberate and smart, but don't be afraid to make that move!  See this post about digital nomad life about maintaining upside options while limiting the downsides.  This thinking is super relevant when considering making a any kind of change.  No reason to burn bridges unless you really really want to!

So that's it.  If you feel like it, make a change.  Change where you hang out.  Change where you work.  Change where you live.  Be smart about it, and improve your life.

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