Business Mantra – Break Through The Chaos With Focus

Business Mantra - Break Through The Chaos

What's your business mantra?  A mantra is a statement that you repeat to focus the mind.  The word itself goes back to ancient Sanskrit meaning “thought behind speech or action.”

Using clear mantras to help guide your life and business is a powerful practice.  These short maxims anchor you, guide you, and more.

I don’t share all my mantras because this is a private and personal matter.  But I do want to share some of the business and entrepreneurial mantras that drive MightyInvestor.com and TomJohnston.org.

Business Mantra – Behind The Scenes

  • “Create Value” – Rather than focusing on making as much money as possible, the focus is on creating value for the customer.  Period.  The money will come if the value is there.

  • “Prioritize Simplicity and Focus” – Focus on the reader.  Focus on the customer.  What is their pain point?  What are they looking for?  You can create more value for your customer if you have a clear focus for your efforts and maintain simplicity.

  • “Don’t Over-optimize” – In business, it is easy to lose yourself attempting to perfect things that don’t matter to you or the customer.  You will waste your time and never produce true value if you lose yourself in unimportant minutiae.  (This doesn’t mean blow off the details in general.)

  • “Entrepreneurship Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint” – If you try to sprint your way to success, you will likely burn out, flop, or quit when you realize the many weeks and months required to pass through the valley of death.

  • “User Experience Is Paramount” – Everything you build should be easy and useful for the consumer.  When deciding between stuffing a website with SEO optimized content and stripping things down to a simplicity that is useful, always choose the latter.  (However, do always keep a weather eye on SEO; that’s the power of Google.)

  • “Have Fun” – If you aren’t having fun as an entrepreneur, you might as well go work for someone else and lock in the benefits and simpler life.  So, work like the dickens, yes, but remember to have fun.  That fun will seep into what you create as well.

Keep It Focused With Your Own Business Mantras

In the spirit of the mantra, this post is short and simple.  These maxims are what guide all my entrepreneurial endeavors.  They help me make decisions between option A and option B.  They keep chaos at bay.

What about you?  What mantras guide your endeavors?

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