Business Mantra – Break Through The Chaos With Focus

Business Mantra - Break Through The Chaos

What’s your business mantra?  A mantra is a statement that you repeat to focus the mind.  The word itself goes back to ancient Sanskrit meaning “thought behind speech or action.” Using clear mantras to help guide your life and business is a powerful practice.  These short maxims anchor you, guide you, and more. I don’t share all […]

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Focus vs Down Time – Are You Striking The Right Balance?

Diffuse Mode. Striking The Right Balance.

I found this point from The Odin Project thought-provoking:”When learning, your mind will consistently switch between the following two states:Focus mode:This state occurs when you are consciously focusing on learning, reading, watching videos, or working on a project.Diffuse mode:This state occurs subconsciously, at times when you are not actively learning, such as doing the dishes, […]

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Here’s Why I’m Learning Ruby On Rails First

Michael Hartl Learn Ruby on Rails

I wrote recently about learning the Ruby on Rails programming framework.  That post outlined some initial thoughts on why I picked Ruby, but I decided to expand on this for readers with an interest in learning programming. There is a raging debate these days on whether new programmers should first learn Ruby and RoR or JavaScript […]

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