A Simple Trick To Stay Focused On What Matters

How To Stay Focused

If you are like me, you have these insights and aha moments that just hit you out of the blue.  These realizations clarify what matters, what’s not working, and how you should really be spending your time.

Then life intervenes.  You slowly slip back into old ways of thinking, and the realizations fade to the recesses of your mind.

A Simple Sheet Of Paper Can Help Your Keep You Focus On What Matters

Well here's a simple trick to keep those deepest insights fresh in your mind.

Create a file called Things To Remember.  Nothing fancy.  Don’t worry about fonts or formatting or anything else (unless you enjoy the elegance of creating a beautiful document).

Every time you come up with a new insight, write it down as soon as possible.  Sprint it out. Get it on paper. Nothing fancy.

Then, make a point of reviewing this document as often as you want.  I shoot for about once a week. I don't print out the document because some of these items are deeply personal, but you could do that as well if you like -- and then hang the page up where you see it on a daily basis.

That’s it.  A quick and dirty little Things To Remember file will help you stay focused on the big picture and incorporate your realizations into the way you actually live your life.

It's not fancy.  It's not sexy.  It won't cost you a dime.  But this one little action does have one thing going for it.  It works!

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