Don’t Box Yourself In….

Remember, Don't Box Yourself In

"I can't be happy or fulfilled unless I have a baby and family."

"I will only be a success if I am a wealthy entrepreneur."

"I have to have X."

"I must work for Y."

These are boxes and mental traps.  If you approach life with this mindset, you are almost certainly going to be miserable. 

Life Isn't A Quadratic Equation

Let's look at this through a different lens.

What if the plant in your backyard said to itself, "I can only be happy and successful if my leaves grow exactly in this direction and to that height."

The bear wakes up from his winter's sleep and says, "I will only be happy if I find berries to eat at the exact top of that exact hill."

Do you see the absurdity?

Whenever you are thinking that you can only be happy if X happens, you are boxing yourself in with rigid expectations.  You are stripping life of its freedom and organic nature.  You are insisting on the wind blowing at such and such angle and such and such speed.

Sure - Set Intentions, But Be Flexible As Things Unfold

Does a surfer insist only on a wave with a specific, exact angle? 

It's great to have goals.  A target.  But chill, friend.  Like the surfer, set your intention to move in a certain direction, start paddling, but be ready to surf the waves that life brings your way.

Take a moment and reflect.  What results are you insisting on in a specific way such that you are making yourself miserable? 

Maybe it's time to flow a little more with the waves coming your way. 

And remember:

Life Isn't A Quadratic Equation.  So Don't Box Yourself In!

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