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Willpower Is Overrated — Do This Instead….

Let Momentum Take Over

If you are having to will yourself to get something done, you have probably already made a mistake somewhere along the way. Especially if you have a deep goal, you should not be pursuing it through willpower.  You should be pursuing it through habit. “Repetition Is My Mantra”Let me give you a simple example.  I decided a […]

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Don’t Box Yourself In….

Remember, Don't Box Yourself In

“I can’t be happy or fulfilled unless I have a baby and family.” “I will only be a success if I am a wealthy entrepreneur.” “I have to have X.” “I must work for Y.” These are boxes and mental traps.  If you approach life with this mindset, you are almost certainly going to be miserable.  Life Isn’t A […]

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What’s The Opposite of Fear?

What's The Opposite Of Fear?

There isn’t really a word for living without fear.  There is “fearless,” but that just means a lack of fear. Here are the closest words I’m aware of:certainsureconfidentboldfearlessunafraidassureddauntlessvaliantIsn’t it amazing that there is no word that stands for the pure opposite of Fear?  So many of the above words just mean the lack of something, “UN-afraid, […]

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More Thoughts on Over-Optimization

More Thoughts On Over-Optimization

If you think about it, regret is a form of over-optimization.  You are trying to optimize decisions already made.  Optimize what happened.  It’s silly, but it’s human. When you over-optimize, you don’t see the beauty of what is right in front of you.  You are thinking, thinking, thinking.  Grinding away in your mind against what is. When […]

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You Are What You Repeatedly Do

Remember - You Are What You Repeatedly Do

Dear Reader, Never forget:You Are What You Repeatedly DoSo what do you do?Complain?  Or express gratitude?​Get stuck and give up?  Or just keep looking for a solution?​Obsess about your personal circumstances?  Or look around and help those in your life?​Get lost in your own mind?  Or meditate?​Bing drink?  I take reasonable care of yourself?​Nurse your grievances?  […]

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The Hero’s Journey Is Real – How The Hero’s Journey Plays Out In Your Own Life

The Hero's Journey Is Real

There is much discussion in Hollywood, entrepreneurial circles, academia, and elsewhere about “The Hero’s Journey.” But there is something we may all forget when we only consider The Hero’s Journey as something to use to craft a compelling movie or market products more effectively as entrepreneurs.  Namely, The Hero’s Journey is real.The Hero’s Journey Is RealWhat […]

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Simplify Your Life – It Is Easier To Subtract Than To Add

Simplify Your Life Through Subtraction

Trying to simplify your life, but struggling or lacking energy?  The answer may be closer than you think.  Here’s one technique to help you on your path.Don’t do something.  Instead, subtract something.​Simplify Your Life Through SubtractionSubtract sugar–see what happens Subtract time with someone you don’t really like Subtract a hobby you actually don’t enjoy Subtract an expense that […]

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