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Send Love Towards Every Problem

Send Love Towards Every Problem. See What Happens.

I have a little suggestion for you.  A technique to help you find peace in your life. I don’t claim that this is the “secret” or “the one thing” that will make all the challenges in your life vanish and go away–though it might…. I also don’t have an explanation for why it works.  I […]

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Remember To Relax

Remember To Relax - It's A Key Part Of Life

Remember to relax. I don’t mean “pursue a leisure activity.” I mean relax. As in just be there. Let your body rest. Let your mind rest. In fact, empty your mind. Let your being just be still. Elite athletes know this.  Yes, train hard.  Train with focus.  But build in time for relaxation.  For rebuilding. […]

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