Send Love Towards Every Problem

Send Love Towards Every Problem. See What Happens.

I have a little suggestion for you.  A technique to help you find peace in your life.

I don’t claim that this is the “secret” or “the one thing” that will make all the challenges in your life vanish and go away–though it might….

I also don’t have an explanation for why it works.  I just know it helps.

So what’s this method that I believe will help you? 

Sen​d Love Towards Every Problem In Your Life

Have a lingering ache or pain from an injury from years ago?  Send love to that part of your body.  No need to do anything else.   Say in your mind (or out loud), “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, shoulder.”  Or just mentally think that you are feeling and sending affection towards whatever ache or pain ails you.

Here’s another example.  Is there someone whom you often think about that has dropped out of your life?  Maybe an old flame that jilted you and broke your heart–or whom you feel you treated badly yourself?  Again, in your own mind, find this old friend or lover and send him/her the love.  “I love you, X.  I appreciate you, X.  I wish you well, X.”

Run Through The Entire List Of Challenges Or Problems In Your Life

Now that you get the gist of what I’m suggesting, you might like to try an experiment.  No need to write anything down. 

In your mind, come up with every situation, memory, challenge, problem, etc. that causes you negative emotion.  Then, on the fly (as they come to mind), send love to each of these annoyances.  It might take you 10 or 15 minutes to run through the list. 

I think you will find yourself quite refreshed after simply acknowledging these challenges and sending love (rather than negative emotions) towards them. 

Did you notice I didn’t suggest you spend a day doing this?  No.  Just a few minutes to run through them all.  More on that in a second.

Sending The Love Takes The Sting Out Of Problems

As I said above, I don’t know why this helps.  I have my theories, but this website isn’t here for theories.  We are here to offer perspective and techniques and exercises that help on this brilliant journey called life.

What I do know is that sending brief pulses of love precisely towards the things you don’t like in life drains them of some of their power.  And this helps.  That’s enough.

Sending Love Doesn’t Mean Clinging

I want to hasten to add one point.  I am not suggesting that you spend all your time thinking about or clinging to your problems.  Sometimes we have to confront problems.  Other times, we need to think them through.  Still, at other moments, we should ignore them altogether. 

So when I say send love towards a problem or challenge or something that is worrying you, I’m definitely not saying you obsessively focus or cling to the negatives in your life. 

To the contrary, all I’m suggesting is that you send a pulse of love in the direction of whatever nags at and bothers you.  Then, let it go and enjoy your life.  You might find that whatever challenge you are trying to flee and avoid will go away (or at least lessen) if you simply give it your attention and send it some love.

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