Is Your Life A Constant Effort? Push Vs Pull, And The Dangers Of Overdoing Everything

Constant Effort Vs. Being Pulled By Your Vision

Most books about self-improvement focus on waking up early, establishing clear goals, and pushing yourself.  Constant effort, effort, effort.  However, while these techniques might lead to material success, they may do so at the expense of health, a flourishing life, joy, and inner peace.  There is something missing.  The spiritual perspective.  The Dao.If you have a […]

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More Thoughts on Over-Optimization

More Thoughts On Over-Optimization

If you think about it, regret is a form of over-optimization.  You are trying to optimize decisions already made.  Optimize what happened.  It’s silly, but it’s human. When you over-optimize, you don’t see the beauty of what is right in front of you.  You are thinking, thinking, thinking.  Grinding away in your mind against what is. When […]

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Shoot For Mastery, And Don’t Forget Technique

Shoot For Mastery And Remember Technique

The world of self-improvement writing is full of talk about manifesting, positive thinking, and whatnot.  It’s all well and good to follow bliss and visualize results.  Important even.  But Here’s A Tip.  Remember To Develop Technique.  Master Something.Want to be an entrepreneur?  Start a company and start selling your products or services.  You will learn […]

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Confidence And Faith Are Your Friends

Confidence and Faith Are Your Friends

There is a subtle interplay between confidence and faith.  If you think about it, to some degree having confidence is having faith–faith in yourself, in life, and in the future. With confidence and faith, you stop having to plan out every scenario, consider every possibility, and think through every contingency.  Each day becomes a flower rising up and […]

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Listen To That Deep, Internal Alarm Bell

Listen To Your Internal Alarm Bell

You know when you are about to do something, and you get that deep, internal alarm bell?Listen to it.  It is something spiritual trying to save you.Though this alarm bell can feel rather a bit like dread, it is different from fear.  You should be able to tell the difference.Heed the bell.  It will save […]

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