Every Time You Doubt

Every time you doubt, you are losing time moving forward. It is ok to analyze what is working, but fear-based doubt just slows down getting things done.  It takes skill to regularly recognize when you are doubting.  Most people doubt their life and actions constantly.

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George Lucas On Being Productive At Writing

I have always found the following comments from George Lucas on what Francis Ford Coppola told him about writing a script to be helpful.  Apparently the conversation happened early in Lucas’ career, sometime in the 1970s.  I wish I had a link or a book to quote from directly, but I don’t recall where I […]

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If You Aren’t Having Fun,

You are playing someone else’s game. You are working in a field or environment that doesn’t match your personality. You should be doing something else. You don’t have to quit your job, but put your energy towards what resonates. And get to work.

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Overcoming Fear

Generally, we don’t overcome fear by thinking about a problem.  We overcome fear by taking a step forward and learning our way through the challenge.  If you are worried or afraid about something, take a practical step forward. The merest micro-step will do.  Just move that dial. You can make this your own algorithmic habit: […]

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