Content Creator – The Epiphany That Allowed Me To Stop Flailing And Get Going

Content Creator - The Subtle Shift That Opens Open The World

For a long time I floundered around in thinking how to tie writing, entrepreneurship, and technology together into a career.  Then, late one night, as I lay awake pondering, it came to me.  Yes, I love technology.  Yes, I am strongly drawn to entrepreneurship.  But my core skill is content creation.

Content Creator As Career

I love ideas.  I always have.  Books?  Check.  In fourth grade I knew I wanted to be a writer.  In high school I wanted to be a writer.  In College.  After college.  You get the drill But my first hard-charging efforts crashed and burned.  Seriously.  I retreated and became a diplomat ;).

Once I reframed my career aspirations from "entrepreneur" or "doing something in tech" to "content creator using entrepreneurship and technology to spread ideas and help people," the whole enterprise opened wide up.  This focus on a specific theme may seem like a subtle distinction, but it allowed me to move ahead with much greater energy, focus, and direction.

This doesn't mean that I only allow myself to pursue projects and income through content creation.  What it does mean is that my core theme and professional identity is as a writer and content creator.  I won't let anything displace that as my primary focus.  I could make more money pursuing other paths than content creation.  No matter.  I can make a great living on this path, and it will be the best way that I can contribute to the world and do what I most enjoy.

The Struggle Is Part Of The Discovery

There are so many people out there searching for their career path in life.  My advice is keep trying.  Keep thinking.  Keep praying.  Keep taking micro-steps.  Keep moving ahead, and listen to your heart.  It may well fall into place for you, too, and you'll be happy you had the faith to keep working at it.

Also, remember that creatively reframing challenges and problems can open up solutions.  If you are stuck, reexamine the assumptions behind how you approach the problem.  Sometimes a better solution is outside your frame of reference.

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