The Two-Hour Software Company–Building an SaaS on the Side and on the Cheap….

The Two Hour Software Company, Building an SaaS on the Side

I have an idea for a piece of software for the money management business.

  • Goal.  To spend no more than two hours per day on developing this product and the marketing it.
  • To spend no more than $10,000 from conception to development to marketing to see if there is traction for this minimum viable product (MVP).  I would have the MVP developed in Croatia as there are software engineers there I know and trust.
  • If the product gets traction, I would hire someone (probably in Croatia) to run it.
  • I think prospects for this software are promising, but I don’t want to let this project sidetrack me from other goals and ambitions (hence the two-hour limit).
  • I will lean on saastr.com and other websites to figure out next steps, as well as ask friends who have experience in this field.

Software on the Side.  Is This Nuts?

Still thinking it through.  Again, this would be bootstrapped and then I would do minimal marketing.  If customers want the product (I know I do), we’ll see if it grows.  Worst case scenario, in a few years I break even just using it myself vs. buying the existing product.

Only time will tell….

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